SHARE NOW Promo Code: €10 Bonus

SHARE NOW Promo Code: €10 Bonus

SHARE NOW Promo Code





SHARE NOW emerges as a revolutionary car-sharing endeavor born from the collaboration between car2go and DriveNow. Distinctly disruptive, it introduces a paradigm shift in the realm of car rentals. Its core objective orbits around personal liberation—enabling urban denizens to navigate the cityscape affordably. Effortlessly uniting an extensive array of the world's most stylish automobiles under one app, SHARE NOW redefines convenience.

Drawing inspiration from a lineage of automotive pioneers, SHARE NOW remains unwavering in its quest to redefine urban mobility. Presently, it spans a global tapestry encompassing 16 cities and 8 countries across Europe, boasting a fleet of over 11,000 vehicles. Cementing its eminence, SHARE NOW holds the mantle of being the premier and most enduring purveyor of car-sharing services.

In the wake of conventional car keys, SHARE NOW charts a progressive trajectory by embracing an ensemble of keyless automobiles—a glimpse into the future of driving.

Navigating seamlessly into the impending era, SHARE NOW introduces Bluetooth access as a compass to eliminate the need for archaic windshield displays and the laborious 3-digit access code. A simple act of enabling one's phone's Bluetooth and standing proximate to the vehicle orchestrates a seamless interaction.

Security takes precedence in SHARE NOW's narrative. Should the inadvertent lapse of leaving car doors unlocked occur, apprehension finds no abode. Proactively, SHARE NOW disengages the engine after a predetermined interval, thwarting any unauthorized vehicular escapades. The redolence of control is reinstated at one's whim—rekindling the engine through an app-triggered button.

Listening to the clarion call of its patrons, SHARE NOW stretches its offerings. A vehicle can now become a trusted companion for up to 30 days—a protracted alliance between driver and machine. This paves the way for even more expansive trip durations, a testament to SHARE NOW's unwavering commitment to enhancing experiences.

Adorning itself in a palette of sleek new hues, SHARE NOW stands as a testament to novel design sensibilities. Its revamped aesthetics, harmonized with a fresh design ethos, encapsulate a magnetic allure that is impossible to resist.


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