SHARE NOW Promo Code (2024)

SHARE NOW Promo Code (2024)

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SHARE NOW Promo Code





SHARE NOW, a pioneering collaboration between car2go and DriveNow, emerges as a groundbreaking venture in the car-sharing landscape. With a keen focus on personal freedom, this revolutionary platform offers urban dwellers an affordable means of traversing their city. This transformational service effortlessly brings together a diverse fleet of the world's most stylish automobiles, all accessible through a single, user-friendly app, thereby redefining convenience in urban mobility.

Inspired by a lineage of automotive visionaries, SHARE NOW remains resolute in its mission to redefine the way we navigate urban environments. Currently spanning a global network that encompasses 16 cities across 8 European countries, SHARE NOW boasts a formidable fleet of over 11,000 vehicles. Holding a distinct position as the premier and enduring provider of car-sharing services, SHARE NOW has made a significant mark in the industry.

In contrast to traditional car keys, SHARE NOW takes a progressive leap forward by embracing a fleet of keyless vehicles, providing a glimpse into the future of driving. Looking ahead to the impending era, SHARE NOW introduces Bluetooth access as an innovative solution, eliminating the need for outdated windshield displays and cumbersome 3-digit access codes. A simple act of enabling one's phone's Bluetooth and approaching the vehicle initiates a seamless interaction.

Safety and security are paramount in SHARE NOW's mission. In the event of inadvertently leaving car doors unlocked, concerns find no place, as SHARE NOW takes a proactive approach by disengaging the engine after a predetermined interval, effectively preventing unauthorized use. The control is restored at the user's discretion, allowing them to reignite the engine through a simple app-triggered command.

Listening to the voices of its patrons, SHARE NOW extends its offerings, allowing a vehicle to become a trusted companion for up to 30 days, fostering an enduring bond between the driver and their machine. This expansion paves the way for even more extended trip durations, underscoring SHARE NOW's commitment to enhancing the overall experience.

Clad in a captivating new aesthetic, SHARE NOW showcases a testament to fresh design sensibilities. The revitalized visual appeal, aligned with a contemporary design ethos, exudes an irresistible magnetic charm.


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