Terra 2084 wins Shortcutz Funchal

Terra 2084 wins Shortcutz Funchal

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SHORTCUTZ is an urban short film movement with implementation planned internationally and it is part of LABZ platform. Aimed to support young talents of the new world cinema, promote direct interaction between artists and the public, and create a constant stimulating presence of cinema and art in the cultural habits of our cities.

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Weekly and monthly shorts screenings and networking events in 17+ cities around the world.

Each city has its monthly and annual competition.

SHORTCUTZ NETWORK consists of regular sessions with free entry that take place at informal venues located in the most exciting urban circuits.

The presence of the film authors to talk about their work and answer questions from the audience is mandatory.

The relaxed and close proximity environment boosts networking and discussion among professionals, amateurs, students, film lovers and the general audience.

All the cities have an independent team that is responsible for the programming, production, and communication of the sessions, as well as the continuity and sustainability of the project in their city.


The awarded short films of each city may have the chance to win BEST FILM of the entire SHORTCUTZ NETWORK.


Later on, the GLOBAL ANNUAL AWARDS will be included in the SHORTCUTZ INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, which will have a short films’ market with pitches, seminars, conferences, screenings, parties and so much more.

We are very happy to have won Shortcutz Funchal!

Unveil the Wonders of Funchal

Nestled on Portugal's Madeira Island, amidst the boundless Atlantic Ocean, lies the enchanting capital, Funchal. It boasts a historic old town, a bustling harbor, stunning beaches, and a nightlife that ignites the senses. Funchal's culinary scene is a world unto itself, offering gastronomic delights from near and far. Adventure seekers will find guided tours of the old town and thrilling dolphin-watching excursions in the bay. With its temperate climate, breathtaking vistas, and rich cultural tapestry, Funchal is a magnet for global travelers.

A Shopper's Paradise

Funchal invites you to explore its vibrant markets, brimming with traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. Dive into history as you visit museums and churches that narrate Funchal's compelling past. Whether you crave action-packed adventures or tranquil retreats, Funchal offers an ideal escape for every wanderlust-driven heart.


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