Video Services in Estoril

Video Services in Estoril

June 1, 2023 Articles 0
Film and Video Production Company in Estoril


Looking for a film and video production company in Estoril? Do you need any kind of branding, film, or video services in Estoril? Shooting a movie or a commercial? Need video coverage for your event? Look no further!

Many of our projects take place in Estoril! aside from its natural beauty and fantastic weather, there's always a lot happening there, from big conferences to busy events! All of which require video and production services.

Often called "the coast of the sun" or "the Portuguese Riviera," Estoril (and neighboring Cascais) is where the rich, famous, and even royal Europeans escaped to during WWII. Grand hotels and Europe's biggest casino were built to welcome them, and that's where Ian Fleming got the idea for the James Bond character. Although the special agent's birthplace is no longer as glitzy and glamourous, it remains a cosmopolitan town. There are aristocratic mansions, world-class golf, a Grand Prix track, and, of course, the beach, attracting locals and tourists throughout much of the year.


Production Company in EstorilThe mild climate and an annual average of 260 rainless days were surely reasons for the most affluent families of the time to follow the royal family and set up their villas and mansions there. It’s worth going on a stroll around town to get a feel for the atmosphere of that period.


There’s only one place where you can feel a thousand sensations. The Estoril Coast, a coastal region with wonderful beaches where you can relax in the sun and forget about everything. Spectacular cliffs that stretch your imagination to the other side of the Atlantic. Gardens, villas, and palaces that give you a sense of their rich and glamorous past.  Restaurants that serve the freshest fish and seafood. First-rate facilities and idyllic settings to practice your favorite sports.  And always with nice weather and a luminous sky.

Following the coastline, you’ll discover a region of exceptional characteristics. Starting at the mouth of the River Tagus and stretching from Carcavelos Beach to Guincho Beach at the foot of the magnificent Serra de Sintra. Easy to see, difficult to forget.


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